RMODS by Foundation for Modern {Bio}progressive Orthodontics

RMODS provides a service for digitizing in one process to locate craniofacial radiographic anatomical landmarks, and provide the orthodontist with full diagnostic and treatment planning suggestions to perform diagnostics for establishing treatment objectives and a treatment plan for every patient.

RMODS was the world pioneer system in providing computerized orthodontic diagnosis. They have analyzed over 600,000 cases and been in business for over 30 years. RMODS has over 300 active clients to date, worldwide.

RMODS has helped thousands of clinicians determine the best treatment plan possible, based on the complexities of each individual patient. Using the RMODS Digitizing process allows orthodontists to locate craniofacial radiographic anatomical landmarks and perform detailed diagnostics, thus establishing custom treatment objectives and a treatment plan for every patient.

Cephalometric Description


This report is generated for lateral and frontal x-rays.
Over 100 measured factor are evaluated and printed with norms and clinical deviation based on patient age , sex and race

Tracing Sheet


Lateral and frontal tracing; that the most popular analyses (Ricketts, Jabarak, Steiner, Sassouni, Downs and Grummons)

Visual Norms


Visual norm is an individual computer composite or a normal population selected by age, gender, and race, adjusted for size

Growth Forecast to Maturity


Growth forecast to maturity with and without treatment are displayed
Expected profile, skeletal development and dentition are evaluated

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