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Single sign-on allows you to login using your company/work/school credentials. Bioprogressive acts as the Service Provider (SP), and offers automatic user provisioning. You do not need to register as a user in Bioprogressive receives a SAML response from the Identity Provider (IdP), Bioprogressive checks if this user exists. If the user does not exist, Bioprogressive creates a user account automatically with the recevied name ID.

Signing in with SSO

If your account owner or admins have configured single sign-on (SSO) for your Bioprogressive account, you can use SSO to login.

How to sign in with SSO

1. Go to Bioprogressive web portal (SIGN IN (

2. Click button to your preferred to login account.


You will be redirected to your single sign-on provider to sign in. After signing in, you will be redirected back to the Bioprogressive web portal.

Sign in here

using SSO

We are currently using SSO to streamline the registration process and simplify sign-in access to the portal.

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