A joint course between Foundation Of Modern Bioprogressive Orthodontics and Department Of Orthodontics University Of Illinois at Chicago.

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Background of Bioprogressive Philosophy




            To talk about the history of Bioprogressive Therapy Philosophy we must travel back to the past and start to analyze the beginnings of the so-called “Ortodontia”, in order to understand the context of that moment of changes. Since the first steps of Dr Angle and his contemporary colleagues such as Dr Calvin Case and followed by their followers such as Dr Charles Tweed and many others, the main goal on Orthodontic treatment was to align the teeth and as soon as the teeth were in alignment a comfort zone could be reached, this way the alignment of the teeth alone was the first priority, no matter if was needed teeth extractions or enlargement of the arches. In the beginning everything was developed by attempt and mistakes, all appliances were hand made till the discovery of X-Rays and the Roentgenography. Before the advent of chrome alloy (stainless steel), orthodontists had to be skilled craftsman as well as doctors. In fact, much of their time was spent devising, constructing, and maintaining their own oral appliances. Because those appliances were typically fabricated from gold alloy, which tended to loosen in a short period of time, a large part of an orthodontist’s work was dedicated to repairing and adjusting the appliances after they had been put into use. The orthodontist’s job demanded mechanical skill, diligence, and even artistry.

            All of that changed with the development of versatile stainless steel alloys coupled with the ingenuity and foresight of RMO®’s founder, Dr. Archie Brusse, and those inventive changes were first presented in 1933, in Oklahoma. At that moment the company was named Rocky Mountain Metal Products.

When Dr Robert Murray Ricketts decided to enter the Dental School in Indiana, in January 1943, this was the Orthodontics environment at that moment. The world was affected by two world wars, many of young doctors at that moment had to serve the Army and somehow this status influenced them. This also happened to Dr Ricketts, the money disappeared and was very difficult to have enough money to afford a graduation course. Apart of hard days, his fist contact to Orthodontics happened when he was a graduating student in Indiana. He received his first lecture on Orthodontics from Dr Thomas Spiedel and it was utilized Dr Jacob Salzmann’s textbook. By that moment he got fascinated for the specialty and start his mission to become a post-graduate student of Orthodontics. He came to Indiana University Dean William Crawford and asked for advice about it, and instantly he recommended the program at University of Illinois at Chicago, under Allan G. Brodie responsibility. After some attempts Dr Ricketts was accepted to the program in September of 1947. As Dr Brodie had being a Dr Angle’s pupil, the program was focused on the Edgewise experience. According Dr Ricketts words: “Dr Brodie had the most exceptional proclivity to instill in his students a sense of the importance of Orthodontics to their lives and to our whole culture in general. He expressed a love and respect for the profession that I had never experienced before.”



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Group Photo Session

The first year orthodontic residents (front row) along with participants of Bioprogressive Continuing Education
1st Class of 2015-2016 and Department of Orthodontics University of Illinois at Chicago faculties.
(Dr Nelson Oppermann - lecturer, Dr Flavio Sanchez - lecturer, Dr Carla Evans - Dept Head, Dr Budi Kusnoto - Clinic Director - Course Coordinator and Dr Robert Manasse).

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